The road leading to Abercynrig in Powys, Wales (formerly Brecknockshire). The estate, gained in the late 1000s/early 1100s passed out of the family hands in the 1600s.

When my family on my father’s side, the Awbreys, came to America in the mid1600s, they landed and resided in Virginia for several generations.  One was even a sheriff of the county in which I currently reside. They eventually picked up and made their way west as many early arrivers to this country did and ended up settling in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  My family moved east for similar reasons (opportunities), landing back near where my ancestors landed when first arriving.

Recently I traveled to Wales, in part for adventure, in part (a big part) for photography But I also went in part to see where a part of what I am came from, taking the family full circle.