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Q: Number one question, what do you charge?

A: PHOTOGRAPHY: I operate under a “creative fee” structure.  I charge a flat rate for the job, based on how many hours I will be required to shoot/be at the event, and the type/size of the event.  All editing/retouching is included in that price.  You get all the “keepers” from the shoot, given via disc, flash drive, or Google Drive sharing, depending on your preference.  I don’t require customers to choose print packages, charge by the image, or do albums and such, UNLESS the customer wants me to.  I understand, that with all the tools out there now, most people can do this for less money than what I would charge for that service.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Again, this will vary with the job.  For large multi-page documents I prefer to charge by the page, rate depending on the complexity of project, for other jobs it will be an hourly fee.