Taking a break from photography posts to get on a soapbox here for a moment.  I love our parks in Prince William County, Virginia.  We have a lot of them and there is a great variety.  Something can be had for everyone, from water fronts, playgrounds, hiking trails, sports fields.  And the county is really good about providing trash containers for the convenience of visitors.

So why am I seeing this?

Haven’t we, as a society, grown up enough to understand littering=bad?  I thought we hashed this all out in the 70’s with the anti-littering campaigns and public service announcements and fines for littering?  Why?  Is it really such a chore to carry your beverage container to one of the multitude of trash cans around the park and deposit it there?  Is it really THAT much of a time and effort saver to chuck it into the pond where these creatures live?

This makes me angry, ashamed, and embarrassed.